• Heavy duty construction – all concrete maintained at 40MPa minimum.
  • Large range in stock!
  • Preformed step iron holes.
  • Call today for a list of sizes, or request your copy of our catalogue.!

Sump Tanks

  • Precast 100mm base.
  • Many sizes available
  • Custom sizes available – and in stock!
  • Preformed step iron holes.
  • Special requirements? Call our team today to discuss your solution.


  • Disperse rainwater collected from gutters and downpipes.
  • Pre-formed step iron holes and pre-cast drainage holes for fast absorption.
  • All sizes in stock! We also supply Geofabric


  • Available with 150mm, 600mm and 1200mm weep hole (dependent on base size).
  • Available in standard 75mm thickness, or heavy duty 150mm thickness.
  • Custom options also available – call us to discuss!

Standard Lids

  • 75mm standard thickness suitable for projects without traffic.
  • Suitable for use in residential driveways.
  • Reid Swift Lift Lifting anchors – handle with ease!

Trafficable Lids

  • T Heavy duty 150mm thickness to withstand heavy traffic use.
  • Reid Swift Lift Lifting Anchors for ease of handling.
  • All sizes in stock!

Manhole Covers

  • Heavy duty to handle all applications.
  • Precast Manhole Lid to make inspection and maintenance easy.
  • Many sizes available and in stock!

Grated Lids

  • Grates available in three options (please specify when ordering):
    – Flush mounted
    – Raised 25mm (if using hotmix/asphalt)
    – Raised 100mm (if using concrete or bricks)
  • We can customize to suit your requirements – contact us for a quote!

Side Entry Pits

  • Heavy duty for roadside use.
  • Left, right and standard (universal) options available.
  • Available as a set or as individual items.

Step Irons

  • Recommended for tanks over 100mm high.
  • Step irons should be spaced 400mm apart.
  • Access tank with ease.
  • Available in Knock-In or Bolt-In.


  • Excellent for a long-lasting drainage solution!
  • Can also be used for agricultural feed troughs.
  • Smaller gully suitable for residential projects and is able to withstand light vehicle use.
  • Larger gully appropriate for commercial drainage needs and heavy vehicle usage.
  • Alternative options available – contact us to discuss your needs!

Sewer Pipe Anchors

  • Concrete-encased PVC Pipe Elbows.
  • Ask us about your quantity buy price!

Septic Tanks

  • Often sold as a “set” – 1500mm and 1200mm Septic Tanks with Lids.
  • Preformed inlet and outlet holes.
  • 100mm thick pre-poured base.
  • Contact us for advice on all your septic needs.

Septic Tanks Lids

  • Split for ease of service.
  • Precast Inspection Cap.
  • Trafficable lids (150mm thick) available – suitable for heavy vehicle use.

Septic Baffles

  • Used to divide Septic Tanks to save costs!
  • Suitable for use in smaller dwellings.
  • Reid Swift Lift lifting anchors fitted for ease of handling.

Concrete Leach Drains

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Large quantities in stock!
  • Not sure what you need? Contact us for friendly advice!
  • Need it delivered? Contact us to handle all your delivery and placement hassles!

Plastic Leach Drains

  • Save $$$ with the more affordable yet highly effective alternative to Concrete Leach Drains.
  • Light and easy to manage for quick, easy install.
  • Quality product manufactured in WA.
  • Able to withstand traffic.
  • Many configurations available – contact us today for friendly advice!


  • High quality fabric limits seepage.
  • Suitable for use with Soakwells and Leach Drains.