To provide high quality products and services through dedication, team work and commitment to customer service.”

This mission statement embodies our dedication to quality, a committal we take very seriously. Some of the attributes that make our products and services Industry leading in terms of Quality, Value for Money & Longevity are:

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About Us

The team at Cast-Tech Group is committed to producing cost-effective, value added solutions to the requirements of our clients.We are dedicated continuously improving on the products and services we provide, and to expanding the scope of what Cast-Tech can offer to our clients. Innovation, service and quality are key attributes of our business, and hold the key to our sustained success. Our team of experienced personnel are well equipped with many years of experience in various aspects of the concrete industry.

The way we work

Vision, Mission & Values

We believe our clients hold the key to our sustained success. We are dedicated to producing quality solutions for our clients, in the timeline they require, and to the budget we agree on with them.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the provision of concrete construction solutions for the Agricultural and Civil Construction industries across Western Australia.

Our Mission

To provide high quality concrete concrete construction solutions and services through dedication, teamwork and commitment to customer service.



  • We  always look for better ways to do things.
  • We learn and impove.


  • We strive for service excellence in every aspect of our business.
  • Adherence to our quality assurance and safety standards are paramount to us.


  • We deliver on what we promise
  • We always act with honesty and integrity
Manufacturing Capabilities


Cast-Tech Group is based in Gnowangerup, in the Great Suthern Region of Western Australia. This is where our precast and premix concrete services are based.


Cast-Tech Group operates a mobile batching system which allows us to move our batching operations to anywhere, anytime. We run a fleet of Agitator trucks in both mini-mix and standard 6m3 sizing.

Occupational Health & Safety

Cast-Tech Group recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and health work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

We are committed to ensuring that our operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage. Key elements of our policy are:

  • We continually develop, implement and maintain an effective OHS management system to ensure safe systems of work.
  • We constantly provide infomation, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors and customers to ensure their safety.
  • We comply and endeavour to exceed the standards, guidelines and codes of practice applicable to OHS legislation.
Quality Policy

Our strong quality policy has enabled us to be leaders in our field.

  • Cast-Tech Group is committed to providing value added products and services by responding to the needs of our clients in an innovative, efficient and cost effective manner.

L-Block is an advanced retaining solution providing great opportunities to the West Australian Market.

  • L-Block will add value to your project through increased time, cost-effectiveness and added durability.
  • We will deliver a tailored solution that provides an aesthetic product unique to your requirements.
  • Standard specifications for heights up to 3.0m and capacity to retain upt to 6.0m for specific requirements.
  • Currently utilised in a large number of residential, industrial, and commercial retaining projects.
  • Also suitable for Acoustic Walls and storage applications.
Civil & Mining Solutions

We supply a range of products to the mining and civil sectors.

We have extensive experience in the supply of precast materials to the civil and mining sectors, including:

  • Premix Concrete including Remote Batching Services.
  • Custom panel work.
  • Tie-down anchors.
  • Box Culverts (standard and custom).
  • Sign Post Holders & Light Stands.

We provide an extensive range of drainage products to meet all your needs on site.

  • We supply storage pits, sump tanks, soakwells, gullies, a range of liners and more.
  • We have a standard range of products to choose from.
  • We can customise the design to suit your needs.
  • Septic tanks, tank lids, septic baffles and leach drains.
Custom Precast

We specialise in the manufacture of custom designed products to suit individual applications.

With our own in-house Form Manufacturing Team we have the capabilities to produce items to any individual requirement, including:

  • Construction Tilt Panels including shaped panels.
  • Bunkers and Modular Buildings.
  • Customised pits and covers.
Road Transport

We can guarantee our products will be on site in the timeframe required – no delays waiting for transport companies.

  • In-House Heavy vehicle fleet operating across WA.
  • We provide reasonable freight pricing to ensure that our products are delivered competitively priced.

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